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Japan Magazine “AnAn” - Kyuhyun, Donghae, Siwon & Leeteuk


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{120515}{OFFICIAL} Kibum with Sowoon Credits: TvN

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Later, Donghae gets the manager to take a photo of them, one of Donghae’s arms slung over his shoulder and pulling him close, and him holding onto his guitar so he won’t hold onto Donghae instead. Even so, his smile is real, if slightly bittersweet, because it’s been so long (too long) and yet it all falls away like nothing has changed between them when Donghae grins at him, laughs with him.

He leans into Donghae as the camera flashes, takes advantage of the pose to put life on hold for a moment (pause) and just enjoy being the center of Donghae’s world again, however briefly.

Donghae’s breath puffs against his ear before he can react, his arm sliding from Kibum’s shoulder to wrap loosely around his neck, tugging him closer. “Happy birthday, Kibummie,” he whispers, low and sweet and velvet-smooth.

If he had any doubt before, it’s laid to rest that night, that moment. Three in the morning on the day of Kibum’s twenty-third birthday, he knows that he’ll never fall completely out of love with Lee Donghae. {}

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Superholic♥: KiHae!



Q:There are 4 colors of contact lenses, which color will you give to each member?

Donghae: I will give Blue to Eunhyuk, Brown for Leeteuk, Gray for Kyuhyun, and Black for KIBUM

Q:Many fans have been asking how’s Kibum doing now?

Donghae:He is doing fine, he just finish filming…

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